Boss ES-8 Effect Switching System

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Effect Switching System

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Boss ES-8 nije samo još jedna alatka, ES-8 otvara vrata bezgraničnih mogućnosti u univerzumu muzičkog izražavanja.

Nov i inovativan ES-8 je sistem koji pruža široke mogućnosti bez žrtvovanja kvaliteta tona, kombinuje fleksibilnost sa potpunom slobodom izražavanja.

  • Programmable switching system with eight loops (plus an additional loop)
  • Analog circuit design to protect your pure tone
  • Unprecedented routing flexibility with the ability to change the routing order and create parallel effect chains
  • Onboard memory for storing external control parameters such as delay time for each patch
  • Buffers can be turned on/off individually each for input and output and stored in each patch; level variability for output buffer
  • Highly-reliable footswitches with switch-noise mute capability
  • LCD and 7-segment LED display show detailed information at a glance
  • 800 patch memories provide unmatched capability for touring musicians
  • Completely customizable pedal function assignments
  • Scratching the itch of serious working musicians with detailed attention to often-requested features and functions