Pearl VML1209T/C810 Vision timpan 12″ x 9″

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Timpan 12″ x 9″

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Pearl VML1209T/C810 Vision timpan 12″ x 9″
Pearl Vision lakirani javor je najpristupacniji bubanj. Javor je poznat po svojim toplim, bogatim tonom, i dugo je izbor profesionalnih bubnjara sirom sveta.
Tom dolazi sa dvoslojnom opnom i ISS drzačem toma.

The Pearl Vision Maple VML series offers drummers stunning, warm maple shells with equally stunning lacquer finishes. The VML range is a sight to behold, and even better to hear. Attractively priced for high-quality shells, the VML is the ideal compromise between breathtaking drums and a reasonable budget.
Maple offers a smooth, warm, well rounded tone, with equal amounts of high end attack and midrange body, along with an excellent low end punch, perfect for any musical application.

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