Pearl H-2050 Eliminator Redline stalak za Hi-Hat

39,980.00 RSD sa PDV

Stalak za Hi-Hat

Dostupno kao narudžbina na zahtev

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Sharing many of the key characteristics of new Eliminator Redline bass drum pedals, 2050 Series Hi-Hat Stands deliver unparalleled versatility and customization in hihat pedal control. The world’s-only hi-hat stand featuring the Interchangeable Cam System, 2050 Series stands’ customizable options are designed to eliminate resistance, reduce fatigue, and increase performance.

– Rapid Lock Supergrip clutch
– Hi-Hat Cup
– Swiveling Legs
– Precision Spring Tension Dial
– PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System With Interchangeable Cams
– Traction Plate Footboard
– Convertible Spike/Rubber Feet
– Footboard Docking Station
– PowerShifter