Selmer Fibracell 990MH Medium Hard trska za Bb klarinet

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Trska za Bb klarinet

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Selmer Fibracell 990MH Medium Hard trska za Bb klarinet
– The Same „Woody“ Tone As Cane But With Better Sound Projection.
– A Reed That Is Great For Doublers Because It Does Not Require Soaking.
– A Reed That Is Playable In All Weather Conditions, Not Affected By Heat Or Humidity.
– A Reed That Doesn’T Swell, Warp Or Soften When Wet.
– A Reed That Lasts Up To Six Times Longer Than Cane With No Unplayable Reeds, Making It Less Expensive
To Use Than Cane.
– Quick Response For Better Articulation, Excellent Pitch Stability And Intonation In All Ranges, Even
For The Clarinet.
– Brilliant Overtones For A Full, Vibrant, Resonant Tone.
– A Reed With The Same Weight And Stiffness As Cane – Cane Floats And So Does Fibracell (Try That With
A Plastic Reed!)
– A Reed That Keeps Its Shape And Retains Resiliency Longer Than Cane.
– Outstanding Durability, Due To A Bonded Film On The Bottom That Helps Resist Tip Splitting.
– A Product That Is Made In The Usa, By A Former Music Educator.